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Our experienced design consultants have worked on major projects ranging from lighting entire office buildings to crafting eye-catching lighting for bridges.

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Whether you are updating a restaurant to appeal to new diners, or building a new hotel to meet the growing demand for lodging in the Greater Boston area, LDI can show you the way on illumination solutions. From traditional looks to cutting-edge styles, our array of lighting options provides you with ample choices. Let our experts help you explore the illumination that will light up your location.
The revolution in lighting is reaching deep into every aspect of life, and LDI is leading the way. Our residential lighting experts can help you choose the perfect fixture and design options to complement your home’s architecture and decor. Explore our many lighting choices from leading designers to discover the way to show your home in its best light.
Commercial lighting applications are entering a brave new world of enhanced illumination combined with money-saving energy efficiency. Innovations like LED lighting deliver longer service life while reducing energy costs. Let LDI help you discover the way to better lighting both indoors and outside.
Functional, efficient, reliable. Three important requirements of lighting in a commercial environment. LDI provides a wide range of lighting options for both indoor and outdoor commercial applications, delivering superior illumination and safety with enhanced energy efficiency and product durability.

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